About Us

Design Services

 At Grace For Life Designs we aim to bring your creativity to life! Our goal is to work along side you to create beautiful custom designs for all your needs including logos, branding, or just custom designs and ideas. 


Screenprinting is the process of extracting a layer of ink over a screen to produce a design.  It's a stencil method of printing where a design is put down on a screen of polyester or other type mesh with blank areas coated with a water-resistant substance.  The ink is forced into the mesh openings and transferred onto the printing surface.  As the screen rebounds away, the ink remains on the fabric. 


 Direct-to-Garment printing (also known as digital apparel printing) is print on fabric.  It is the process of printing on 100% cotton using specialized inkjet technology.  It works exactly like a printer where the specialty inks are applied to the fabric directly and absorbed by the fibers.  DTG printing provides maximum detail in design with as many colors as you want.  There is no minimum required when ordering. 


We offer monogramming and in-house embroidery services. Our fonts and color selections are endless!  Our embroidery capabilities include but are not limited to - bags, team apparel and uniforms, caps, casual and work uniforms, polos, shoes and boots, and clothing.  Our quality embroidery will give you a professional and expert presence. 


 Sublimation is the process of printing the artwork onto a special sheet of paper and then transferring that image with heat onto 100% polyester items such as mouse pads, mugs, key chains, phone covers, socks, t-shirts, plates,....  The ink is heated into the fabric which makes the ink long-lasting.  The sublimation name is used because the dye transitions between the solid and gas forms without going through a liquid phase.